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Hedgehog Box

The old adage, the stronger and better its built, the longer it will last is no more true when it comes to our Hedgehog Boxes. Built like the proverbial outside lavvy, its guaranteed to last many winters keeping the hedgehog safe during its winter hibernation.

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You can site the box as it is, in some secluded part of the garden, against a bank or fence. Or if you prefer, it can be buried under a pile of rocks, branches and leaves, with just the door showing. If you do this, a ventilation pipe made from an old piece of hose, must be fitted into the back. Push a piece of wire wool into the end to stop any bugs getting in. I can drill the right size hole before delivery, if you let me know.


Hedgehog Box

£ 60.00


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Have you noticed how few squashed hedgehogs are seen on our roads these days. Road-kill numbers are a good indicator of the population. A number of recent studies have indicated that hedgehog numbers have dropped by around 25% over the last 10 years. From a population of about 30million in the 1950's, hedgehog numbers in 1995 were estimated to be 1.5million when the last statistical count was made. This decline shows that hedgehogs are now in serious trouble and could become extinct in the UK within a few decades.

Reasons for their decline are easy to guess at. In rural areas, intensive farming and the high use of pesticides has lead to a significant reduction in their natural habitat and  prey. In urban areas a single hedgehog needs about 6 gardens to be able to forage freely in to survive. Loss of habitat again through the modern desire to securely fence off gardens, building of patios and decks, tidier and new housing with smaller and smaller gardens. Combine all this with the inevitable increase in road traffic.

If you think or know that there are hedgehogs in your garden or area, there are a number of things that you can easily do to help them: Wryneck

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