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We have 3 dovecotes, called the Snowdon, the Wenallt and the Rhondda

The decorative Dovecote placed on a high pole has until recently only been seen at public gardens and country pubs. But now they are becoming a common fixture in private gardens as people have become aware of their allure and the elegance they bring to any garden.

The keeping of doves and pigeons was first practiced by the Egyptians who domesticated the Rock Pigeon of that region, for both their meat and eggs, and for their guano to be used as fertiliser (good stuff pigeon poo!!). This was continued by the Romans who brought the practice to Europe and Britain. This culminated in the keeping of thousands of birds in large ornate dovecotes exclusive to the grand stately homes of the rich. Only the rich could afford the keeping of these birds due to the high taxation levied. It was in the war years that the keeping of doves and pigeons in the small, pole mounted dove cotes became common practice amongst the working and middle classes of Britain.

We currently have on offer 3 designs of dovecote, all named after 3 historic areas in Wales. All 3 are designs to be placed on a 80mm square post. Traditionally this is a free standing structure in a prime position. But these days they can also be seen attached to garages and house extensions or any other location of convenience. Why not replace a fence post with a long post and mount it there. The only stipulation is that the post must be secure and strong, due to the weight and wind strain of the dovecote itself. Neither does the cote have to be taken over by pigeons. Doves can be easily purchased and trained to live in your dovecote.

The Snowdon


Price £599.00

The Wenallt

Price £599.00

The Rhondda

Price £599.00



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