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Camera Bird Box

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Camera Bird Box

All of our bird boxes can be easily converted to accommodate a camera. The design gives sufficient height to allow for the installation of the camera without getting in the way of the nest or entrance hole.

All of our camera boxes have obscured plastic light ports fitted. This allows extra light to enter the box, allowing the camera to operate in daylight mode. If the box is too dark, the camera will switch to infrared night mode and only produce a black and white image.

How to Order

Choose which standard Bird Box you want and add it to the Shopping Cart. Then choose your camera option from the below: Wired or unwired, standard or premium. We will convert the box to a camera format, purchase and install the equipment, so all you need to do is hang and connect.

Bird Boxes

NOTE: We source our equipment from the same supplier who provides the equipment for the BBC Nature Watch series. So it’s great quality and not cheap imports.

If you are unsure what to choose, it is all explained below. If you want the full guided tour, please email us via our Contact page and we will send you our own full guide.

Prices - Wired

Extension Cables and booster cable available. Additional cameras etc all available

Prices - Wireless

The above are only the most popular kits. There are many more options, and accessories particular to other birds, such as owls, hedgehogs and nature trail time lapse cameras to name but a few. If you have a particular requirement, just ask.

Option 1 -Wired Set Up

Option 2 -Wireless Set Up

The Pros and Con's

Wired is always best. And if at all possible you should site your camera box in a position where mains power can be connected to the equipment. Any position that has reasonably bright shade is good, but definitely not bright sun. The only real disadvantage of a wired box comes if you wish to record directly inside your home and watch the nest box 'live'. Then the cable to the camera will need to enter your home through a hole of some sort, through a wall, door or window.

Wireless is okay with good equipment but the camera should still be, if at all possible, connected to mains power.

Wireless is also more expensive as you have to add the transmitter kit to the camera.

Wireless, with a battery powered camera is not really a good option and should only be considered in remote locations.


A note on the Camera first. There are two types available: CCD and CMOS. These are then rated by their TVL spec. This stands for TV Lines and the greater the number of lines, the better the image; 300-500 plus is okay but 700 plus is obviously better.

CCD:   Higher resolution so a sharper image.

           Better colour rendition and contrast, day or night

           CCD cameras are a bit larger than CMOS

           CCD cameras are more expensive than CMOS

CMOS: Produces are richer colour, softer image

           Under Infra Red (at night) the image has a slight green tint

           CMOS cameras are slightly smaller CCD

           Older technology so a bit cheaper than CCD

Recording and viewing Equipment

Any equipment that has AV (Audio Video) connections can be used to view and record the image: TV's, video recorders, DVD recorders, even video cameras.

If you wish to use a PC or laptop to view and record the image you will need a USB capture device to convert the AV signal to a computer compatible signal

BEST Option 1 - Fully Wired Set-up. Live viewing

Have a cable run direct from the camera to your TV, PC or recorder

+  Direct constant power feed to the camera.

+  Direct audio/video signal to your recording equipment.

+  No signal interference.

+  Live direct viewing of the box interior 24/7.

‒  The power/AV cable needs to be routed through the garden, fixed to a fence or wall.

‒  The same cable needs to enter the house at some point.

Cable from box to house is not possible? Go to Option 2

Option 2 - Wired Set-Up, Remote Recording

Site the box on or near a shed/garage with mains electric to power the camera. Use recording equipment (an old pc/laptop, dvd/video recorder or even an old video camera) sited in the shed/garage to record events.

+  Direct constant power feed to the camera.

+  Direct audio/video signal to your recording equipment.

+  No signal interference.

‒  Not live but recorded, unless you have a TV screen installed or laptop.

Power outlet available but viewing/recording needed in the house? Go to Option 3.

Option 3 - Wireless signal with mains powered equipment

Site the box on or near a shed/garage or in a location where mains electric can power the camera. Use a wireless camera/transmitter to send the audio/video signal to your indoor TV or recording equipment.

+  Direct constant power feed to the camera.

+  Live direct viewing of the box interior 24/7.

+  Up to 4 camera can be captures by just one, 4 channel receiver.

‒   All the problems associated with a Wi-Fi signal present

o Signal interference from same frequency equipment, weather etc.

o Distance from box to home greatly affect the signal quality.

Location of box means the only option is battery power? Go to Option 4.

WORST Option 4 - Wireless signal with battery powered equipment

Camera/transmitter powered by battery only

+  No cables to worry about.

+  Camera box can be located anywhere.

‒   All the problems associated with a Wi-Fi signal present

‒   Camera operation limited to the life of the battery, normally only a few hours. Even the best rechargeable batteries will only give 1 days'      operation

‒   To avoid disturbing the nest, the batteries must be remote from the box, while still being in an accessible but weather sealed location.   


To avoid the use of batteries a mains power supply is best. So if you run a power cable to the box, you may as well run a dual power and A/V cable and have a wired system.

CMOS Standard Resolution
(380 TVL) Colour Camera Kit
+ 30mts cable

£ 57.00


£ 82.00


Sony CCD High Resolution
(540 TVL) Colour Camera
Kit + 30mts cable

BBC Nature Watch Premium Sony
CCD High Resolution (700 TVL) Colour Camera + 30mts cable.

£ 92.00


USB Capture Device
- Can be used with any
   of our Camera Kits.

£ 30.00


Wireless Option

£ 55.00