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Bird Tables

The Bird Table. The social meeting point for all garden birds. The avian equivalent of the school gates or the local coffee bar. The bird table is there to be seen so you can see its visitors. A bird table can be as simple as a piece of old wood nailed to the top of a post and stuck in the ground. But if you take pride in your garden then you should take pride in your bird table and place it in prime view: in the centre of your patio or hung from your wall by the back door.

Our bird tables are the best you can get. Every table is hand built. Solidly made from American white oak to last a generation. Our Bird Tables come in 8 designs to suit your fancy. If you want your table post mounted, we provide solid Oak Posts so that your Bird Table can be free standing in your chosen location. We also provide matching oak wall brackets so that your Bird Table can be hung in pride of place on any house or garage wall. During manufacture we include all the natural features of the wood; changes in the grain and knot whirls. This gives every Bird Table a unique look. All joints are pinned together with Miller System oak dowels rather than screws to ensure joints stay together. And all joints are glued upon assembly. We take no short cuts to ensure every table meets our high standards.

You have 3 choices of roof: oak, slate or cedar shingle. You also have a number of choices when it comes to the surface finish of your Bird Table. Being oak you could just leave them as they are and, with time, they will turn their own natural rustic grey/green colour. Ordering Unfinished also gives you the option to apply your own finish. Or if you want to bring out the natural grain and colour of the wood, the surface can be protected with either a Clear Satin hardwood oil or a water based hardwood Dark Oak Stain. Make your choice when ordering. Protected is better, but remember, if you apply the finish yourself do not use any solvent based finishes. If you are unsure, just give us a call.

The Nut House


From £70.00

The Play House

From £60.00

The Tree House

From £60.00



Table Post

From £60.00

Wall Bracket

From £15.00

Seed Feeder

Price £16.00




The Jail House

From £85.00

The Hex House

From £65.00



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The Halfway House


From £55.00

The Ranch House

From £80.00

Bespoke Designs



Discount Code(s) available:

Please use discount code WB01 at checkout to save £10 when you purchase a Bird Table and Table Post together.

Please use discount code WB01 at checkout to save £10 when you purchase a Bird Table and Wall Bracket together.

Please use discount code BF01 at checkout to save £10 when you purchase a Bird Table and Seed Feeder together.

The Scottish House

From £92.00