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Rabbit Hutches

The Bespoke

Do you have a design in mind but don't know how to get it made? Give us a call and I promise you I will translate any idea into reality.

I promise you a fair price as well. Some ideas are above.

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Dad's dog gets long weekend walks and dental care. Mum's cat gets its own place on the sofa and special grooming. Even little Jimmy's fish get high tech cleaning equipment and fun bubble toys. But what does little Sue's rabbit get? Usually at best, a cheap 2 compartment 'Prison' made from thin pine and painted with a barely non-toxic bright orange wood preserver.

What did poor pet rabbits ever do to deserve this treatment! Rabbits need as much protection from the elements, security, good hygienic conditions and room to live, sleep and play as any other house pet. Buy one of our hutches and they will get ALL that and more.

All non-domesticated rabbits live in large communities in underground burrows. So you can imagine how a single rabbit feels caged in a small hutch open to the cold, damp and wind of the British weather. If you keep a rabbit or rabbits, you must provide three things:

Not providing the above will soon lead to a deterioration in your rabbits health. Rabbits are not generally a robust breed and will soon die once ill. And keeping a rabbit locked in a cramped hutch all the time is cruel. Some books and breeders say it is ok to do this. They are simply wrong!!


Our hutches are built around plastic trays which allow for the easy removal of the bedding into the recycling bin and regular cleaning (Use a small amount of TCP or white vinegar. If you use bleach the tray must be thoroughly cleaned of all bleach residue). Use of a removable tray also stops the wood in the hutch becoming saturated with rabbit urine. Rabbit urine is nasty stuff and quickly gives off a strong ammonia smell if left (it's great on weeds though).

We offer three stock designs and our bespoke service. We also offer runs that fit onto the front of all our hutches. As with all our products we can provide the hutch with an unfinished surface so you can apply your own colour (use a water based non-toxic preservative on the OUTSIDE only). Or if you wish, let us protect the surface with a colour of your choice.


We have been keeping rabbits now for about 12 years since our daughter was young. Most of the designs on offer come from our experience of keeping rabbits over this time, so we can say we have a bit of knowledge in this field. Our current family comprise of Rabbito (a male Harlequin, the heavy weight and definitely The Boss), Fluff (a male Chinchilla from the RSPCA, and a bit of a grump) and Biscuit (a young Dutch and a real character).

Our rabbits have the run of the whole back garden or we can keep them enclosed on just the patio. If you want to let your rabbits  to run on the grass (they are great lawn mowers and produce good fertiliser) do not bother with cumbersome  wooden runs. Just buy a roll of wire mesh 120cm high with small holes (try Wickes). Not the green plastic coated. The holes are two big. Your rabbit can get its head through, get stuck and throttle itself. Then buy some long bamboo canes, knit them through the mesh and stick in the ground in a circle, making sure there is a good escape proof overlap. You can make the enclosure as big or small as you want, move it round the garden so the grass can grow back, and just roll it up and pack it way when not wanted. Simples!!



We manufacture all our goods ourselves to order, so delivery time is normally 2 - 4 weeks. However, if this is a problem please don't hesitate to contact us as we may be able to help you with early delivery.

We will also contact you before delivery to let you know the items are en route.

Rabbit Hutches

Rabbit Run

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