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Bee Hives

National Hives

For National Hives, we manufacture the Open Mesh Floor, Brood Box, Supers, Crown Boards and galvanised metal Roof components.

Our National Hives are manufactured using British grown Northern White Cedar (Thuja Occidentalis) rather than its cheaper and more common relative, Eastern Red Cedar. Its use as a material for bee hives is excellent. Although its machining properties are inferior to both birch and redwood pine, it has the highest level of natural essential oil content and resistance to rot of all the American cedar varieties. Hives manufactured from Northern White Cedar in the States, are known to be still in use after 20 years.

The wood was sourced in Kent and its provenance is both authenticated and certified.

Natures Best Designs manufacture bee hive products exclusively for Natures Little Helpers -
We have a relationship based on the mutual respect for each other's products and the high standards expected.

National Nucleus Boxes

Our 'Nuc' Boxes allow for the fitment of 5 National frames. They are manufactured from 12mm WBC exterior birch ply and will give you years of trouble free use. The lid cavity allows for the use of a standard box feeder. Entrance access can be restricted from large, small to closed via the simple blanking plate. The lids are ventilated and covered with galvanised metal sheet for both protection and longevity.

Other Hives Types

Although the National is the UK accepted standard hive, there are of course many other designs more suited to particular hybrid or other variety of bees. The Langstroth, which accounts for 75% of hives around the world. The Smith, Commercial or lovely rustic looking WBC amongst the most common.

All these and associated equipment (stands etc) can be made to order and will become stock items in due course. We will also be manufacturing hives from both Pine and deal (Scots Pine).

Whatever your requirement, please don't hesitate to give us a call to discuss your needs.

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